Green Child's Tea Set


This is a 12 piece child's tea set.  What makes this set unusual is that it has a cute carrier that holds four drinking glasses.  The tea set is a darker depression green.  Almost has a teal cast.  Besides the drinking glasses it has two tea cups that measure 1 7/8"X1 3/8" tall, two saucers (2 5/8"), two plates (3 1/4"),and a teapot (2 1/2"X2").  The carrier measurers 5 1/4"X5 1/2" tall.  Its handle is possibly rattan.  The drinking glasses are 1 3/4" tallX1 1/4".  Across the top of the dishes is a strippled band.  The mark on the bottom is of a crow flying through the letter A.  It is Akro Agate.  It is a very cute set to add to your collection.